Since its inception in 1996, NAWOO Patent & Law Firm has been creating values
by communicating with many domestic and foreign clients.


NAWOO Patent & Law Firm is committed to providing our clients with
optimized intellectual property rights.

Established in 1996, NAWOO Patent & Law Firm has been representing various clients such as major corporations, midsize companies, universities and research institutes in Korea and abroad for their intellectual property rights. Based on our extensive experience and know-how accumulated in this process, we promise to provide our clients with the intellectual property services that are optimized for their current situation. In addition, NAWOO Patent & Law Firm prevents unnecessary intellectual property rights from being mass-produced. we do our best to thoroughly analyze cases from the clients’ point of view and provide a strategy to ultimately obtain intellectual property rights which are beneficial to our clients.

We want to provide services tailed to world trends.

NAWOO Patent & Law Firm has been working with over 70 overseas law firms worldwide. As a result, we quickly and accurately identify patent trends and issues in each country. We pledge to fully utilize our overseas network to provide intellectual property services in line with global trends and to ensure that our clients' intellectual property rights are adequately protected in foreign countries.

We aim to provide ethical legal services.

We respect the ethical code recognized to be legal and customary in the intellectual property industry, and compete and cooperate fairly with other laws firms in the same industry to contribute to our society.

We aim to create a happy working environment.

We understand that the best service can be generated in the best working environment. Accordingly, we do our utmost for the satisfaction of our members by providing a pleasant working environment and various welfare systems so that each member can realize his/her full potential.

We provide a wide range of legal services including patent services, services related to intellectual property rights
such as trademarks and design, licensing agreements, registration and related information search and litigation.

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vision Nawoo Patent & Law Firm aims to advance the awareness and importance of intellectual property
around the world by respecting the creative property of our clients, protecting their legal rights,
and assisting in the realization of their economic value.