We promise to provide the best service
that meets customers’ needs and latest trends.


We provide a variety of services for the search, acquisition, management and protection of intellectual
property rights such as patents, utility models, trademarks and designs.
  • Filing/Registration
    We do our best to obtain useful intellectual property rights for our customers in consideration of not only the scope of rights but also the possibility of proving infringement and the usability after registration.
  • Trial/Litigation
    We handle opposition, confirmation trial for the scope of rights, invalidation trial, preparation and mailing of warning letters, and responding to warnings, etc.
  • Search/Analysis
    We provide services such as searching for prior IP rights that are stumbling blocks to the customers’ business and analyzing future trends. At the same time, we actively propose methods to avoid prior IP rights, and plans for securing core patents.
  • Consulting
    We guide our customers to the most valuable IP rights for their business from our customers’ perspective and provide the most reasonable and effective filing/registration strategies.
  • Translation
    We operate our own translation team. All translations are reviewed by the translation team leader who is qualified as a simultaneous interpreter and the patent attorneys in order to maintain high translation quality.
  • Licensing
    We provide various services such as IP value evaluation, assignment of IP rights, and technology transfer so that customer rights can be effectively exercised even after they are registered.


We have experience and know-how accumulated by handling various cases in the fields of electronics,
machinery, chemistry, bio, etc. from various companies, universities, and research institutes,
and these experiences and know-how will be used to protect our customers’ rights.

  • Electronic
    · Products
    TV, printers, scanners, portable terminal devices, cameras, computers, semiconductors, medical devices
    · Standards
    ATSC/MH, ATSC 3.0, DVB-T2, HEVC, HDMI, MPEG2, 3G, 3GPP, 4G
    · Business models
    fintech model, neural network, public charging method
    · Software/technics
    signal processing devices, UI/UX, voice recognition technology, medical management method

  • Mechanic
    · Home Appliances
    TV, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, washing machine, microwaves, air conditioners
    · Industrial Equipment
    robots, compressors, automation equipment, precision machinery, vibration and noise reduction devices, construction machinery
    · Mobile Devices
    portable terminals, camera modules, OIS/A.F. modules, VCM, image sensor
    · Others
    vehicle equipment, medical equipment, office equipment

  • Chemical/Materials/Bio
    · Chemical engineering
    catalysts, reactors, spectroscopic analysis devices, functional foods, dairy products, paints, cements, inks, toners
    · Pharmacy practice
    pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical technology
    · Material science
    nano materials, polymer substances, electronic materials, wires
    · Semiconductors/Devices
    capacitor materials, solar cell, secondary battery, fuel cell, electrodes, electrolyte materials
    · Bio technology
    biochips, bio informatics

  • Trademark/Design
    · Filing
    search, filing, prosecution and registration, overseas filing
    · Litigation
    appeal, invalidation trial, cancellation trial, patent court and supreme court litigation
    · Legal service
    advice on disputes, license agreement, transfer agreement